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Calling all Fantasy Fiction writers!

If you have a story of breathtaking lands where heroic and astonishing characters embark on thrilling quests, battle mythical beasts and villains in the pursuit of high adventure, justice and plunder, we want you to share it with our friends and our world here at Dragon’s Haul.

Pull up a chair, weary adventurer, and regale us with exciting tales of brave warriors, mysterious places, and evil wizards, necromancers, orcs, dragons and demons. Thrill us with exciting stories of misty mountains, dark forests, the rough open seas and lost magicks.

At Dragon’s Haul, we seek and share stunning fantasy stories of brilliance and vision; stories that burst with heart-racing and heart-breaking beauty and startling and original ideas. We will eagerly devour your fantasy tales and your beautiful concepts and the vitality of your prose, then we will share it with our keen, devoted and discerning fantasy fiction fanatics.

We are searching for exciting tales that capture stunning vistas, curious creatures, the fantastically weird, the adventurous and dangerous, the sword and axe-wielding ways of warrior men and women as they cut their way through the evil hordes of darkness. Spectacular stories of worlds full of amazing adventure, with places that seem both new and familiar will be happily welcomed to our fireside.

We want to hear from you, so if you have a story you would like to submit to Dragon’s Haul, head over to our submissions page.

David and Andy
Dragon’s Haul Editors